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The purpose of Res Plumbing is to repair, restore and replace the old plumbing. Because the pipes are usually hidden in the walls, the cost of can be expensive. The cost of plumbing repair for entire house highly depends on the chosen type of pipes, the contractor doing the job, the geographical location, the size of your home and the complexity of the plumbing job.

Before starting the job, a plumber has to create a detailed outline explaining the needed work and all has to use. If a plumber decides to outsource any of the work, which might include replacing the drywall, he should note that too. He will do that after completing a visual inspection. Plumbers mostly do the plumbing replacement through PEX piping. The PEX piping is flexible tubing made of cross-linked polyethylene or PVC/CPVC – a plastic pipe that is made of copper or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride.

PEX is a cheaper alternative because the plumber does not have to destroy the whole wall during the Res Plumbing process. The piping is flexible and the plumber can snake it through the walls easily. PEX is also recommendable because of its non-corrosive features and the capability of retaining heat for a longer time. On the other hand, copper is expensive and its installation too – the walls must be opened up. When it comes to benefits, copper is bacteria resistant, but it is not UV-resistant. You can install it outdoors if you are not on a tight budget.

During the process, each pipe that needs replacement has to be gutted out. The plumbers will tear apart the drywall in different sections, just enough to expose the plumbing to be replaced. Two of the key reasons people repipe homes is due to the age of the house and the need to install better pipes. Mostly, plumbers prefer working in the attic to maneuver around to run the piping through the interior walls if that is possible. However, if the attic is not possible, then they will choose to work underneath the floor through the crawl space, running the pipes outside the walls. The method is a good choice in slab-on-grade homes that have no crawlspace or attic.

The process of repiping a home


If your galvanized pipes are very old and corroding, rust will block them off, therefore, reducing the water pressure and contaminate the drinking water. Corroded pipes are also known to leak and that alone can cause the growth of mould, rot and some other water-related problems in your home. To prevent the issues, you have to repipe – replace the old pipes with new ones. Here is what we will do after you engage us in your repiping project.

  • Inspect and estimate the cost

The repiping project might be expensive. If you have cold and hot water pipes in your home and you would want to replace all of them, then you should expect the cost to go up. The same would happen if you have to replace the water heater, faucets and other fixtures. Corroded pipes are known to cause various problems so we have to check them before we embark on the project to find out the real cost.

  • Prepare for the Res Plumbing

The Res Plumbing work might leave your home without water for a few days. You would not want to go without water for a long time. Our team will make adequate preparations such as installing an alternative water source; protect the floor, furniture pieces and other valuables from water and debris damage.

  • Install the new pipes

The installation work will start immediately we are through with the preparation. The project can last for 3-5 days depending on the size of your home. We will explain to you the benefits of using PEX and copper pipes to help make an informed choice.

  • Test the new piping system

After installing the pipes, we will have to complete plumbing inspection to ensure that the pipes are installed and the water is flowing properly. We will also test for leaks to prevent future problems.

  • Repair the drywall

The plumbing job requires us to cut out large sections of your interior walls. Therefore, for the work to be complete, we will have to replace the drywall and repaint. If you do not want us to handle the job, we can recommend someone else. Either way, the drywall will be part of the whole project.

Why engage Mississauga plumbing providers

Plumber from RES Plumbing & Drain Services

You do not have to worry about the size of your project. You can repipe your home during a remodelling or renovation project. Here are some of the reasons you should engage our teams.

  • We are available 24/7 the whole year and our teams will be a phone call away including during the holidays and events.
  • Our Res Plumbing prices are low and upfront. We will roughly estimate the prices to help you with the budgeting. We will need your complete consent to make a service charge.
  • As a top drainpipe and plumbing company, we rely on modern technology alone to provide the best services.
  • We will start by analyzing your project so that we can offer long-lasting results. You do not have to think about sub-par temporary solutions for your home.
  • Our team will follow all the law and all the code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send the estimated rate before you come to my place?

We can only provide the estimate after seeing your problem. Without observing the issue and the size of your project, it can be hard to state the cost. In some cases, the estimation might be more than the real cost or less. However, we will be able to estimate the cost after inspection.

Will you install new fixtures and appliances?

Yes. We will install any component. Our teams are skilled and ready to complete such work.

How much do you charge for the estimation?

We will do the estimation free of charge. We will only charge for the real work. Therefore, you should not expect any additional costs.

Is it safe to have your people working in my home in my absence?

Do not worry about that. We have examined the background of all our workers. We have specialized staff too and all our workers are experienced. Trust us and allow us to handle your Res Plumbing project.

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