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Expansion of Existing Plumbing

Expansion of Existing Plumbing

Seamless Expansion of Your Existing Plumbing Systems

Looking to upgrade or expand your plumbing? At R.E.S. Plumbing & Drain Services, we specialize in seamlessly integrating new plumbing components with your existing systems. 

Whether you’re planning to add a new bathroom, enhance a kitchen, or expand plumbing in a commercial facility, our licensed experts are here to ensure every modification is flawlessly executed, compliant with all regulations, and perfectly suited to your specific needs. 

Trust us to extend your plumbing capabilities while maintaining the efficiency and integrity of your entire system.

Expansion of Existing Plumbing

Comprehensive Plumbing Expansion Services

Our team of experienced professionals specializes in upgrading and extending plumbing systems to meet the evolving needs of your home or business. We ensure every project aligns perfectly with your existing setup, adheres to the latest codes, and delivers optimal functionality and reliability. Below is a list of where this service can be used.

Client Reviews

Clients Share Their Experience

Explore the genuine feedback from our clients at R.E.S. Plumbing & Drain Services. Our commitment to quality and personalized service shines through these stories, showcasing the service and customer service we bring to every project.

We contacted Demitri at R.E.S Plumbing for a clogged kitchen sink. Demitri was fast to answer and came by to check out the issue and gave us a detailed explanation of why the sink was clogged. He gave us a detailed quote for the job. He cleared up the clog and fixed the pipping that wasn't properly sloped. He also provided pictures of the pipping inspection as it was performed. The work was done timely and neatly. We will definitely use R.E.S Plumbing again and highly recommend!
We had Demitri over to repair leaking Garage faucet (what we thought was needed). What we actually got corrected: new Main shut off faucet installed, Garage Faucet replaced, leaking Basement Triple-Split-Valve replaced, Outside valve replaced, wall and ceiling openings made (they were small to even reach inside), Access Panels attached. We recommend Demitri' services to anyone who has plumbing issues around the house. Prompt response, knowledgeable and experienced help when you need it. My example shows you Not To Ask the price over the phone-specialist needs to access the damage IN PERSON before telling you which materials are needed, what work needs to be done and what are the options ( To User THIVA). THANK YOU, Demitri, for a your help!
Excellent service provided by Demitri.
High Quality and reliable service. Fair prices.
We hire Dimitri from R.E.S Plumbing to fix a backed up sink. He quickly identified the issue and got started. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and efficient. We are pleased with the quality of work he did. We will definitely be using him again in the future.
We called Demitri to install a new sink in our basement and to connect a very old washing machine to the existing pipes in the basement. He also fixed the leaking toilet upstairs. The job was done very professionally and quickly; at a very reasonable price. And the job site was left tidy and clean!Great job! I would highly recommend Demitri to anyone who needs a plumber!

Expansion of Existing Plumbing

Have Questions?

Have questions about our plumbing services? Check out our FAQ section for detailed answers on what we provide and how we can help you.

Plumbing expansion involves extending your current plumbing system to accommodate new fixtures or areas. This service can include adding new pipes, upgrading existing ones, and integrating new plumbing features into your home or business setup.

You might consider expanding your plumbing system if you’re planning home additions, like a new bathroom or kitchen, or need to increase capacity for a growing business. If you experience low water pressure with additional fixtures or have plans that involve new water-intensive appliances, an expansion might be necessary.

Yes, at R.E.S. Plumbing & Drain Services, all our plumbing expansion services come with a minimum one-year warranty on labour and parts. This ensures that you receive not only expert service but also peace of mind after the installation.

The duration of a plumbing expansion project can vary based on the complexity and scale of the work. Minor expansions might be completed in a day, while more extensive modifications could take several days. We provide a detailed timeline after assessing your specific needs during the initial consultation.

Absolutely! Expanding your plumbing system can significantly improve water pressure problems, especially in cases where the existing infrastructure is insufficient for new fixtures or appliances. Our team ensures that all new installations enhance your system’s efficiency and meet your daily water usage demands.