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When you need a professional for plumbing and heating in Saskatoon, a great place to start looking is online. Of course, Pro Service Plumbing would love to have you consider us for your plumbing and heating needs. Ultimately, it's your money and your choice.

What You Should Pay Attention to When You Hiring a Plumbing and Heating Company in Saskatoon

By reading the good and bad reviews of a heating and plumbing company online, you'll get a good idea about their character and about the kind of work they do. Indeed, seeing the pattern of how a company has worked for their previous customers is a very good gauge of how they will likely work for you. Pro Service Plumbing is proud of our online reviews, and we invite you to check them out.
Another thing you can do when hiring a professional plumber is to check out their licensing. Very few customers ever think to do this for either one of two reasons:

1. They don't know to ask
2. The water is hitting the floor in their home, and they need a plumber now

Still, if possible, it's always best if you can find out the status of a plumber's license. Don't just accept what they tell you either. Ask them to prove it. A legitimate plumbing and heating company understands your concerns, and they won't feel burdened about showing their licenses to you.

We Will Send the Same Tech to Your Home Every Time

Pro Service Plumbing always tries to send out the same technician to the residence every time they call us. For example, if you have purchased one of our maintenance contracts, we try to get the same technician to your home each time. Yes, you will have a different plumb from a different HVAC guy, but we want you to feel that it is supposed to be the same tech. This way, the technician is familiar with your home, and they may even know that you have a problem before you do.

Plus, if you have children and or pets, everyone in the home we have the comfort of knowing that it's going to be the same person every time. You will know that you have a trusted professional who is going to come in, evaluate the situation, and get the job done right for you.

Check Us Out Online

Again, we encourage you to look at our reviews. One thing that our team discusses in every meeting is reviews! Our techs are rewarded for great reviews, so it is very important to them that they get good reviews. We train our technicians to work as though they are always on camera and to work as though they need a five-star review to save their lives. That kind of thinking and attitude shapes how they show up and perform on the job.

Plumbing And Heating Saskatoon
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RES Plumbing Investigations & Clog Remediation Methods

A clogged drain in Toronto can seem deceptively simple. However, home drainage problems often demand more than plunging and drain snaking. In every case, blockage removal requires the use of pipe appropriate tools and detergents.

RES Plumbing approach every drain differently. Our clog removal methods include the use of appropriate pipe chemicals and biological detergents. In the event of more stubborn blockages, our plumbers can also use hydro jetting, non-abrasive drain snaking, and telescopic camera cables to identify and remove pipe obstructions.

RES Plumbing Benefits

Even minor drainage concerns can escalate and cause significant disruption to Toronto properties. RES Plumbing, therefore, offer same day on-site property inspections. In the event of flooding and similar emergencies, Toronto home and business owners can also benefit from dedicated 24-hour call-outs.

Every RES Plumber is licensed, insured, and has several years of practical plumbing experience. We pride ourselves on the friendly rapport which we build with each of our clients. Most importantly of all, RES Plumbing promise not to beat on price for any like for like provision of service.