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Choosing the Right Richmond Hill Plumber Does Make a Difference

Residential plumbing and drain problems need to be attended to asap. At RES Plumbing, we service drain blockages, repair leaks, and attend to commercial water system maintenance all across Toronto. Benefit from honest, professional and affordable leak detection. As GTA Toronto plumbing experts, we also offer a dedicated 24/7 emergency helpline.

RES Plumbing technicians attend to preventative maintenance, heating system faults, and new plumbing system installations. We find faults fast. We work to the highest industry safety standards. More importantly, all our drain and plumbing repairs are protected by a comprehensive 1-year warranty.

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24/7 Toronto Plumbers & Drain Experts

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Commercial Plumbing

RES commercial plumbing technicians act fast to fix leaks, drain problems, and mechanical heating system failures. Protect the continuity of your Toronto business. Benefit from free quotations and immediate on-site support.

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24/7 Emergency Service

A minor drip or clog in a drain can escalate quickly. To reduce damage and costs, RES Plumbing customers can rely on our dedicated 24/7 call out service 365-days a year.

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Plumbing Diagnostic

Drain and general pipe repairs should only be undertaken after thorough fault finding. RES uses state-of-the-art telescopic camera equipment to pinpoint clog, pressure, and leak problems, first time every time.

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Leak Detection

Damp in part of a property may be indicative of a leak elsewhere. To find faults, we use electronic leak detection equipment. This allows us to fix defects fast while minimizing disruption to properties.


Plumbing Service

Prevent plumbing and drain problems before they manifest. RES heating and plumbing system maintenance identifies issues early, helps offset future repair costs, and helps prolong the life of existing plumbing systems.


Drain Cleaning

A clog in a drain can result in backflow problems and flooding. To clear a clog fast, we use pipe pressure washing and specialized diagnostic tools to identify sewer pipe faults.

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Select the plumbing problem you are facing. From leaks to backup issues, the more you tell us, the better we can help.

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Describe your leak, drain, or water pressure problem. Then benefit from a free quote covering expected service fees.

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Tell us when the best time is for our plumbing technicians to call, or request an immediate emergency call out.

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How Can We Help You?

Drain Cleaning In Toronto

Drain Snaking


RES Plumbers are certified, experienced, and trained to attend to even the most sever clogged drain problems. To help us handle any Toronto drain cleaning project, we use pipe-friendly drain snaking to remove blockages. Moreover, unlike other contractors, we can use drain snaking to unclog even older main sewer lines.

Clogged Drains Cleaning in Toronto

Clogged Drains


Clearing clogged drains necessitates careful consideration of pipe materials and the age of sewer lines. A clog may be indicative of a broken pipe. Certain chemical cleaning products may also damage sewer lines. We, therefore, carry out thorough inspections, before deciding on the safest and most cost-effective course of action. 

Clogged Drains Cleaning in Toronto
Drain Camera Inspection in Toronto

Camera Inspections


Specialized telescopic camera equipment allows our technicians to expertly identify clogs and sewer line defects. Other plumbers might hazard a guess that a sewer line is cracked or needs replacing. We don’t. We determine the precise cause of problems and plan remedial action and repairs accordingly.

Faucet & Sink

Commercial Plumbers

RES Plumbing brings together Toronto’s leading and most trusted commercial plumbing technicians. Our prerogative is to minimize business disruption and downtime, regardless of the severity of problems. We offer fast response times, consistent pricing, and effortless communication and practical support while repairs are underway.


Residential Plumbing

RES Plumbing has built a powerful local presence in Toronto, by never waiving on our commitment to quality. We respond quickly to minor and severe home plumbing problems. We stop water damage in its tracks by finding fast-acting, solutions to problems. We also offer transparent pricing and 1-year warranty on all repairs.

Faucet & Sink Services For Bathroom
Faucet Replacement In Toronto

Plumbing Replacements

Copper, iron, and ceramic pipes corrode over time. Plumbing system replacements may also become necessary, due to home damage and new home renovations. In every case, we offer affordable plumbing system replacements and bypasses, which keep total installation costs and property disruption to an absolute minimum.


Frozen Pipes

Winter in Toronto brings with it a host of residential & commercial plumbing problems. Frozen pipes don’t just impede water flow. Frozen pipes also result in flooding and heating system failures. Thankfully, we offer a 24-hour call out service. When on site, we thaw frozen pipes and fix resulting leaks quickly.

RES Plumbing Frozen pipes repair
Leaky Faucets &Pipes
Leaky faucet repair

Leaky Faucets & Pipes

Leaky faucets and pipes cost Toronto property owners thousands of dollars in energy waste and property damage. To reduce water waste and prevent property damage, we use state-of-the-art electronic leak detection equipment. We are also available 24/7 to attend to emergency leaks and burst water lines.

Water LineRepairs

Water Line Repairs

Standing water around a property, can be a sign of a damaged water line. As soon as you notice pooled water or a drop in pressure, it is critical to call on professional help. We act fast to repair water lines. We also do so with a commitment to causing minimal disruption.

Water Line
Water SoftenerInstallation

Water Softener Installation

Hard water can lead to a variety of long-term home plumbing system problems. Calcium and other mineral deposits can clog pipes and mains connected appliances. We prevent this from happening by installing mains connected water softeners which remove excess deposits and prolong pipe lifetimes.

Sump PumpInstallation
Sumb Pump

Sump Pump Installation

Sump pump installation in Toronto eliminates the risk of property and foundation flooding. When excess groundwater backs up to basement floor and crawl space levels, sump pumps divert water to backflow valve protected drains, Our sump systems also benefit from dedicated battery support for 24/7 automatic flood protection.

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Backwater Installations


Backwater valve installations prevent groundwater from backing up into drainage outlets. A single installation can, therefore, protect Toronto homes from even major flooding events. If your home is at risk of flooding, we help prevent potential damage by eliminating the ability of water to back up into inner home areas.

Sewer Systems

Sewer Systems Backups


Sewer water which backs up into drains can cause more damage and human health concerns than groundwater backups. Often caused by a clog in a main sewer line, we act fast to identify backup causes. We then carry out quick repairs protected by comprehensive 1-year warranty.

Sewer Systems
Sewer Line Repair

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement


Regular sewage backups are a sign that a sewer line may have become compromised. Replacing lines can be costly. However, at RES Plumbing, we give property owners more options. We investigate problems. We then identify where repairs and relining might be more preferable than full line replacement.

We Are Available For Any Projects

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Pick up the phone at the first sign of trouble and help will be out to you within 2 hours.

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Our Testimonials

Extremely professional, honest, on time and quality service. We had a leaking toilet from the second floor and found RES Plumbing randomly on the internet. So lucky to find them. Highly recommended for anyone who is looking for honest and high quality job done fast.
RES Plumbing & Drain Services Reviews

John CarterClient

I was very pleased with the plumbing service I received from RES Plumbing. They are professional, have high integrity, and prices fairly. Demitri was very patient walking us through the process and giving us great advice along the way. We get so many compliments on our new bathroom.
RES Plumbing & Drain Services Reviews

Dina HClient

We had Demitri to do our pluming for our 2 bathrooms on the main floor. He upgraded the pipes to the proper size and changed all the old pipes to meet the current building code. His crew completed the work in less than 3 days. They worked with us to customize the plan in order for us to have our dream bathrooms. We are very satisfied with the work and will call them when we do the next renovation.
RES Plumbing & Drain Services Reviews

Boyan M.Client

We heard gurgling sound in our furnace room, and sewage came out of the floor drain, we were in panic, luckily we found RES Plumbing, plumber answered a call on Sunday! and came within an hour, the drain was cleared and scoped with the camera to make sure its clean and in good condition.
RES Plumbing & Drain Services Reviews

Ira M.Client

RES Plumbing did a rough in plumbing in our basement, it was a basement apartment and another portion for us, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen and a fire sprinkler in furnace room, everything went smooth, guys came early and left everything clean when leaving, stuck to the budged and passed all plumbing inspection from first time.
RES Plumbing & Drain Services Reviews

Josh W.Client

We just needed to convert our bathtub to a stand up shower, and new faucet installed. Booking was very easy, Alex came on time, and provided reasonable price, and completed the job same day! He had all the material in his truck. Installed rubber liner new drain and faucet.
RES Plumbing & Drain Services Reviews

Martha W.Client

RES Plumbing did a rough in plumbing in our basement, it was a basement apartment and another portion for us, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen and a fire sprinkler in furnace room, everything went smooth, guys came early and left everything clean when leaving, stuck to the budged and passed all plumbing inspection from first time.
RES Plumbing & Drain Services Reviews

Martha W.Client

I booked the service online, which is convenient, needed few things done, Plumber arrived and provided an estimate, the quote was reasonable and he had all the material in stock which was nice. 2 toilets installed, 2 vanities and a kitchen. Everything was done fast but carefully, no issues so far.
RES Plumbing & Drain Services Reviews

Jeffrey A.Client

We just needed to convert our bathtub to a stand up shower, and new faucet installed. Booking was very easy, Alex came on time, and provided reasonable price, and completed the job same day! He had all the material in his truck. Installed rubber liner new drain and faucet.
RES Plumbing & Drain Services Reviews

Gary T.Client

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Plumber Hourly Rates & Other Frequently Asked Questions


RES Plumbing are Toronto plumbing professionals. We pair expedited response times and guarantees on all parts and labour with unmatched customer care. As one of Toronto’s best plumbing companies, we’re also happy to answer all your plumbing related frequently asked questions.

What is the average hourly rate of a Toronto plumber?

Plumber hourly rates vary. On average, Canadian plumbers take home a gross salary of $68,360 per year. This equates to (approximately) $a 70 – $120 per hour depending on the job and property type residential/commercial/industrial

Why should I choose RES Plumbing over a cheap plumber listed on local classified sites?

Some plumbing repairs can prove costly. Because of this, many people find it tempting to look for a cheap plumber on classifieds sites like Toronto Sun and Now Toronto. However, hiring a cheap plumber isn’t the same as hiring a good plumber.

Most cheap plumbers do not offer guarantees on supplied parts and labour. Often, they do this because they only provide temporary fixes for problems, and know that subsequent call-outs will be necessary. Also the cheap plumbers does not have liability insurance WSIB insurance and some times not even plumbing/gas license

Why do plumbing prices I’m being quoted not match the hourly rates of plumbers I’ve contacted?

Plumber hourly rates reflect the amount of time a plumber spends on-site. Rates do not reflect the cost of replacement plumbing parts or use of some forms of specialized plumbing equipment.

What is the average cost to replace a toilet?

Toilet installation costs vary. However, standard installations which take 2-hours or less will usually cost (approximately) $350. Very basic installations can cost just $145.

What are average plumbing prices when it comes to unclogging a drain or sewer line?

A clog or backup in a drain can be indicative of several common plumbing problems. Thankfully, most of these are easy to remedy. However, the cost to clear a clog will often be dependent on where a drain is physically located.

Kitchen and bathroom drains can usually be repaired for between $145 and $215. Conversely, harder to reach laundry room drains can cost between $150 and $215. Meanwhile, a clog in a MAIN sewer line or toilet line can cost between $295 and $495 to clear and wether you choose to do a camera inspection to confirm the pipe is clear will affect the price.

I’m replacing my entire plumbing system. What are the most reasonable plumbing prices?

When plumbing a newly constructed property or replacing a plumbing system, total costs are dependent on property sizes. On average, installing or replacing a plumbing system in a 1,500 square foot property will cost between $8,000 and $10,000.

Why do plumber hourly rates seem so high?

At RES Plumbing, we do everything we can to keep general plumbing repair costs to a minimum. However, it is important to remember that our plumbers hourly rates don’t cover the cost of materials and components required to complete plumbing repairs.

It is also important to remember that each of our plumbers are highly skilled individuals.

Unlike a cheap plumber you might find on a local classified site, RES plumbers are accredited, insured, and fully licensed. On evening and weekends, it is also commonplace for all reputable tradespeople to charge out of hours rates. With RES Plumbing, though, we always make sure to offer upfront, transparent pricing, to help you keep costs to an absolute minimum.

What is the difference between a licensed and an unlicensed plumber?

When hiring a cheap plumber, it is often the case that tradespeople will not have passed licensing exams, or have adequate liability insurance. Neither are unlicensed plumbers required to pass criminal background checks.

Thankfully, at RES Plumbing we are fully licensed and insured. This being the case, you can rest assured that your home or commercial plumbing repair is in the safest hands possible.

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