Toronto Water Service Installation & Upgrades

Water Service Upgrades Installation In Toronto

Is there something in the water? If you live in a Toronto home built before 1975, there could be. Prior to 1975. lead was commonly used in water systems all across Canada. Moreover, many copper pipes in Toronto homes are still fed by lead water service lines. To minimize adverse health effects, RES Plumbing can upgrade existing water service lines. We also specialize in new water service installations for new property developments. To find out more, or to inquire about a new water meter installation, call RES now to speak to one of our team.

Enviro Mechanical Water Heater Repairs

New Water Service Installation

The City of Toronto does not replace or install sewer or water service connections. If you are a homeowner, it is your responsibility to cover the cost of upgrades and new installations. Thankfully, RES Plumbing specializes in water service installations for both, home renovations and new property construction projects.

Enviro Mechanical Water Heater Repairs
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Water Service Upgrading & Replacement

All water service and supply systems lines deteriorate over time. Corrosion, earth movements, and tree roots can cause water service lines to rupture. Signs that your water service might need upgrading or replacing include low water pressure, and standing water around properties. In every case, RES Plumbing can provide quick repairs and full system upgrades.

Do You Need to Upgrade Your Water Service?

Are you tired of low water pressure? Alternatively, are you worried about how lead from your existing water service might be affecting your families health? If so, call RES Plumbing today for free and impartial advice concerning a possible service upgrade.

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Lead Water Service Pipe Removal

In 2011, the City of Toronto implemented a Lead in Drinking Water Mitigation Strategy. Homeowners are still required to replace lead water service lines. However, the City promises to replace City-owned lead mains water connections simultaneously. Call RES Plumbing to find out how to benefit from this scheme yourself.

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Plumbing Bills

Water Meter Installation

The City of Toronto makes it mandatory for a water meter to be installed on any pipe delivering water into a property. To ensure compliance with local legislature, RES Plumbing can install automated meters to water lines. Our technicians can also upgrade and replace older water meters.

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The RES Plumbing Water Service Promise

Installing or replacing a water service is a complicated process. Digging is required to install or replace a water service. This requires a high level of precision and awareness of the location of other buried utility lines and cables. RES Plumbing, therefore, carefully mark the location of all underground utilities, prior to installing a new service. Before digging to replace a lead-based water service, RES can also liaise with city officials, to arrange simultaneous replacement of City-owned lead piping.

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How to Choose the Right Water Service

Toronto property sizes, levels of water consumption, and distances from mains water supplies will often necessitate the use of different pipe thicknesses. At RES, we identify the right water service for a property. We then plan installations and upgrades in a way which minimizes installation costs and disruption to your schedule.