Sewer & Drain Camera Inspections in Toronto

Toronto Camera Inspections & Visual Drain Surveys

In Toronto, regular cleaning and maintenance of sewer lines is essential. As well as everyday clogs and backups, Toronto drains can be damaged by flooding during heavy rain and snow melts. This is especially true when sewer water backs up from mains sewer lines. To identify problems with domestic and commercial drains in Toronto, RES Plumbing carry out internal camera inspections of sewer lines. Surveys identify minor issues which can lead to severe faults, as well as serious pipe defects. In the latter case, camera inspections lower repair costs by precisely identifying the location and nature of problems.

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What is a Drain Camera Inspection?

Drain camera inspections are similar to drain snaking. However, in place of cleaning apparatus, a video camera is connected to the head of a long flexible cable.

Typically, the main part of a Toronto sewer line is located between four and five inches beneath property foundation slabs, buried under a further two feet of earth. A drain camera inspection is, therefore, the only way to investigate the health of a sewer line without digging.

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Is it Possible to Carry Out a DIY Video Camera Inspection?

Many Toronto hardware stores carry DIY sewer line inspection kits. However, none provide a viable alternative to professional video inspection apparatus used by RES Plumbing.

  • DIY inspection kits have a limited range
  • Store bought camera inspection tools lack adequate video resolution and reliable lighting
  • Few property owners are qualified to identify serious pipe defects and sewer line problems

RES plumbing use state-of-the-art camera equipment which can be fed through sewer line cleanout lines and branches of above ground sewer systems. Ample onboard lighting, steady handling, and high-resolution video images allow our plumbers to inspect every inch of sewer lines, leaving no room for error.


Sewer Line Stoppages

Sewer stoppages is a blanket term used to describe any drain problem resulting in backups and overflows.

In Toronto, residential and commercial sewer lines rely on gravity to carry wastewater into larger municipal drains. Stoppages occur when this doesn’t happen. Common reasons can include tree root infestation of pipes, blockages caused by foreign objects, and collapses of older pipe sections.

At RES Plumbing, our drain camera inspections pinpoint the precise cause of stoppages. We then minimize disruption by pinpointing precisely where digging will be necessary to carry out repairs.


What Can Sewer Line Camera Inspections Find?

At RES Plumbing, the drain camera inspection equipment we use pinpoints pipe locations by sending trackable signals above ground. This allows property owners to precisely map sewer line locations in anticipation of digging when faults are discovered.

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Sewer System Connections & Pipe Health Checks

Sewer pipes in Toronto are laid in sections. In some cases, only isolated sections of clay, PVC, or cast iron pipes might be damaged and require replacement. RES Plumbing camera inspections can, therefore, be used to carry out thorough sewer line health checks. Surveys conducted by us should also be considered essential when planning to add a new bathroom, kitchen, or WC to a property.

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Common Problems We Identify

Camera sewer line inspections commonly help Toronto property owners identify:

  • Sludge build up causing backups
  • Negative sloping and pipe sagging
  • Cracks in sewer lines
  • Offset pipe joints
  • Degraded mortar connections
  • Root infestations
  • Blockages caused by foreign objects
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Can Camera Inspections Detect Leaks?

Standing water in yards and foul smelling odors can be a sign of a leak in your main sewer line. As a rule, a camera inspection should be carried out as soon as possible. However, camera inspections alone will not always succeed in identifying leaks.

  • Drain camera inspections can identify pipe breaks and collapses
  • Video camera inspections can detect problems with pipe connections
  • Camera inspections can identify damage to pipes caused by tree roots

What camera inspections can’t always detect, is leaks resulting from damage to sewer line exteriors. Sewer lines are not the cleanest of pipes to inspect visually for obvious reasons. What might look like a hole or crack, may merely be waste grime.

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Do You Need a Drain Survey?

The advantages of pre-purchase drain surveys undertaken by RES Plumbing are simple. Where pipe defects are found, details can be relayed to existing property owners who will usually be able to cover the cost of repairs by approaching their home insurer. It should also be remembered that older Toronto homes will usually feature clay or cast iron sewer lines. In such cases, pre-purchase drain surveys should be considered essential. Where investigations aren’t conducted, new homeowners may find themselves having to bear the cost of full sewer system replacements.

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Pre-Purchase Drain Surveys

When buying a home in Toronto, home buyers expect to have access to a full property survey outlining known faults and full architectural specifics. However, few home inspection reports also include dedicated drain surveys

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How Long Does a Drain Camera Inspection Take?

Sewer line camera inspections typically take between one and three hours. Usually, one hour will suffice to complete a visual survey. However, in cases where property owners need to inspect different drain branches, investigations can take slightly longer.

Why RES Plumbing?

RES Plumbing in Toronto invest in state-of-the-art video camera and drain survey equipment so that you don’t have to. Our fully licensed and insured plumbing technicians, perform thorough video inspections of drains and sewer lines. From preventative maintenance to pre-purchase surveys, we diligently check pipes for defects which other plumbers often miss.

Banish Drain & Sewer Problems for Good

Are you buying a new home in Toronto? Alternatively, are you experiencing recurring drain problems? If so, RES Plumbing can help. Call now to discuss your sewer line concerns and benefit from a no-obligation free estimate concerning a full video survey.