Blocked & Clogged Drain Cleaning in Toronto

Clogged Drain in Toronto Causes & Quick Fixes

A clogged drain in Toronto can be more than an inconvenience. Regular backups can be a sign of blockages and sewer line defects. RES Plumbing investigate and shift even stubborn drain blockages on the same day you call us. Call now and benefit from the support you need, fast.

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Clogged Drain Warning Signs

A clogged drain in Toronto is usually the result of a sink trap blockage. Where this is the case, DIY trap removal and cleaning will suffice to clear a clog in no time. Serious problems start when multiple drains backup simultaneously. When this is the case (or when drains backup regularly), a clogged drain in Toronto may be indicative of a more severe problem.

  • Water backups as multiple drains are in use can be a sign of damaged or partially blocked sewer lines
  • Backups after trap cleaning will always necessitate more thorough plumbing system inspections
  • Older ceramic and iron pipes are much more susceptible to damage and corrosion
Res Plumbing Truck in Toronto
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Why Call RES Plumbing?

When drain backups recur frequently, it is imperative that homeowners address concerns. Not doing so can lead to thousands of dollars in property damage.

RES Plumbing help Toronto homeowner mitigate spiraling repair costs. Our plumbing teams identify the underlying cause of clogged pipes. We remove obstructions, and we give plumbing systems a comprehensive health check before declaring work competed.

Drain Cleaning In Toronto

DIY Plumbing Disasters

Several store-bought detergents claim to dissolve stubborn drain blockages. However, chemical quick fixes can cause considerable damage to home plumbing systems. For the most part, acids only dissolve blockages in easy to reach sink and shower traps. Moreover, repeated use can lead to corroded pipes, plumbing seals, and sewer lines.

  • DIY drain snaking can result in accidental damage to pipes and plumbing fixtures
  • Corrosive detergents are highly caustic and dangerous if not properly handled. Quick fixes like DIY snaking can lead to minor blockages becoming impacted and worsening over time
Drain Cleaning In Toronto

Licensed & Exprience Plumbers in Toronto

RES Plumbing fix drains fast. Our technicians are highly skilled and serve home and business owners all across the Greater Toronto area.

Don’t wait for drain and pluming problems to escalate. Benefit from fast-acting, permanent solutions to common drain problems today. Call RES Plumbing now and benefit from a free, no-obligation quote for same day on-site support.

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Clogged Drain Causes & Safe Remedial Solutions

Repeated use of chemical drain cleaners will often drain household checkbooks faster than drains.

In many cases, a clogged drain in Toronto will be the result of broken sewer lines, non-biodegradable blockages, and tree root damage. In every case, the only safe way to address such problems is to use specialized plumbing equipment. Specifically, tools like drain snakes and telescopic cameras, which can properly remove clogs and identify possible pipe integrity concerns.

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Professional Pipe Inspections & Blockage Prevention

RES Plumbing utilize state-of-the-art telescopic cameras to carry out thorough drain and sewer line inspections.

In many cases, severe pipe defects can be corrected without the need for full sewer line replacement. Where obstructions are the result of excess mineral build up, we can also prevent future plumbing and appliance problems. Specifically, by installing filter based home water softeners.

  • RES Plumbing can reline sewer lines where these might have been compromised
  • Where sections of pipe may need replacing, we do so in such a way which guarantees minimum disruption
  • RES use only biologically safe and 100% pipe safe detergents and power flushing to remove blockages
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The Difference Between a Clogged Drain in Toronto & a Blocked Drain

Clogged drains are usually the result of ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ pipe blockages. Where a soft clog can be identified as the cause, drain snaking and pressure washing will suffice to clear drains. However, blocked drains can be more problematic. Namely, because ‘hard’ obstructions will often require manual removal.


RES Plumbing Areas of Expertise

Bathroom Drains

Clear bathroom drain backups and overflows in minutes thanks to pipe-safe snaking, camera inspections, and pressure washing.

Clogged Bathtub Drains

Where traps are inaccessible, RES Plumbing uses pipe-friendly detergents & pressure washing to eliminate clogs and mineral buildups.

Clogged Floor Drains

RES use specialized snaking and camera equipment to identify and remove clogs from hard to reach floor drains.

Clogged Shower Drains

Instantly banish standing water in shower trays, thanks to high-pressure flushing of stubborn soap scum and soft blockages.

Clogged Toilets

Eliminate home livability concerns thanks to the safe and expeditious removal of U-bend and sewer line blockages.

Kitchen Drains

Fix problems with kitchen drains fast. RES clear dishwasher drain and sink clogs in seconds without using corrosive chemicals.

Clogged Sinks

Have water flowing freely in minutes, thanks to full sink drain servicing, trap cleaning, and mineral deposit removal.

Basement Drains

Eliminate the risk of flooding and damp. Install sump pumps and basement backup valves designed to keep homes dryer.

RES Plumbing Investigations & Clog Remediation Methods

A clogged drain in Toronto can seem deceptively simple. However, home drainage problems often demand more than plunging and drain snaking. In every case, blockage removal requires the use of pipe appropriate tools and detergents.

RES Plumbing approach every drain differently. Our clog removal methods include the use of appropriate pipe chemicals and biological detergents. In the event of more stubborn blockages, our plumbers can also use hydro jetting, non-abrasive drain snaking, and telescopic camera cables to identify and remove pipe obstructions.

RES Plumbing Benefits

Even minor drainage concerns can escalate and cause significant disruption to Toronto properties. RES Plumbing, therefore, offer same day on-site property inspections. In the event of flooding and similar emergencies, Toronto home and business owners can also benefit from dedicated 24-hour call-outs.

Every RES Plumber is licensed, insured, and has several years of practical plumbing experience. We pride ourselves on the friendly rapport which we build with each of our clients. Most importantly of all, RES Plumbing promise not to beat on price for any like for like provision of service.