Water Softener Service & Installation in Toronto

Toronto Water Softener Installation & Healthier Water Simplified

Toronto is known as a hard water area. Mains water supplies consistently test above average for dissolved minerals. Specifically, minerals like calcium and magnesium which eventually reduce the life expectancy of water-based home appliances.

The good news is that it is possible to remove minerals from Toronto home water supplies. Softened water is also more pleasurable to bathe in, and can even help reduce home energy bills.

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What Does a Water Softener Installation Do?

In Toronto, mains water is sourced directly from the Great Lakes. Toronto residents, therefore benefit from some of the world’s purest natural drinking water. However, glacial rivers which feed the Great Lakes also cause minerals like magnesium and calcium to enter the water supply.

For the most part, minerals in Toronto tap water are not harmful. However, mineral deposits can quickly build up in household appliances and plumbing systems.

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Are you tired of recurrent home plumbing and appliance problems? If so, RES Plumbing can help. Call or contact us today for a free estimate concerning the right kind of water softener installation for your property.

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How a Water Softener Installation Can Help

At RES Plumbing, our home water softeners remove mineral deposits at the mains. Doing so prolongs appliance lifetimes. At the same time, softened water provides the added benefit of making bathing more pleasurable. Laundry also feels softer to the touch, and household cleaning becomes easier thanks to improved soap lathering.

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Water Softener Key Features

A water softener installation in Toronto can be salt-based or non-salt based. As a rule, there isn’t definitive evidence to suggest which system is better. In every case, RES Plumbing will, therefore, recommend a system based on cost and your home water consumption requirements.

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Key Features

Regardless of the type of water softener installation used to treat hard water, key features of systems supplied by us remain the same.

  • A water softener installation will either remove mineral deposits or use a catalyst which crystallizes minerals, removing their ability to bond to pipes and appliances
  • Every water softener installation provided by RES Plumbing is energy efficient by design and will require minimal future maintenance
  • A water softener installation will reduce appliance and plumbing system repair costs, by eliminating limescale and soap scum build up in drains

At RES Plumbing, we also only install water softeners provided by top-rated Canadian device manufacturers.

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What are the Long-Term Benefits of Softened Water?

Did you know that hard water can increase Toronto gas, oil, and electricity bills by as much as 15%?

Gas, oil, and electric home heating systems, rely on heated elements to heat hot water. In hard water areas, minerals build up around heating elements, thereby reducing their efficiency. Thankfully, a home water softener installation can prevent mineral build-ups. In doing so, Toronto homeowners benefit from lower annual energy bills.

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Salt-Based Water Softener Benefits

  • Salt-based water softeners completely remove hard water minerals from incoming mains water
  • Softened water feels softer and results in visibly brighter laundry
  • Complete removal of hard water minerals prolongs appliance lifetimes and reduces home energy costs

One drawback of a salt-based water softener installation concerns the fact that systems are not 100% maintenance-free. Salt will occasionally need to be replaced to replenish resin beds. Accompanying brine tanks will also require occasional cleaning.

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How Do Water Softeners Work?

There are two kinds of water softener systems currently on the market. A traditional salt-based water softener installation passes mains water through a resin bed. Ion exchange then takes place which completely removes hard water minerals before mains water enters a property plumbing system.

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Salt-Free Water Softeners

As an alternative to traditional salt-based systems, non-salt water softeners work by changing the chemical structure of hard water minerals. Minerals like magnesium and calcium are not removed from home water supplies. Instead, minerals are crystallized. This inhibits their ability to stick to copper pipes and appliance components.

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Non-Salt Water Softener Benefits

  • Salt-free water softeners often require zero maintenance
  • Homeowners never have to replenish salt or clean softener components
  • Non-salt water softeners will prevent limescale build up in pipes and appliances, just as effectively as a traditional salt-based system

The main drawback to salt-free water softeners concerns the fact that hard water minerals are not physically removed from mains water. For this reason, water will not feel softer. Nor will skin, hair, and laundry feel softer or appear visibly brighter.

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Other Top Water Softener Benefits

As well as reduced home energy bills softened water provides several other benefits.

Skin and hair washed in softened water feels softer and appears visibly brighter

Everyday household cleaning tasks require less detergent

Laundry and dishes washed in softened water appear cleaner and free of water stains

Household appliances benefit from prolonged lifespans

Common plumbing system failures become less frequent

Evidence exists which suggests that softened water is healthier for human consumption

Discover the Right Water Softener Installation for You with RES Plumbing

At RES Plumbing in Toronto, we have several years of experience advising property owners concerning their best water softener options.

In some cases, it may not be possible to install a traditional salt system. In others, salt may be your best option. In every case, we identify the right device for your budget and never compromise on the quality of any installation.

Get the Water You Deserve Today

A new water softener installation doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. Start benefiting from cost savings and softer to the touch water today. Simply call RES Plumbing now for a free, no-obligation initial consultation.