Toilet Repair In Toronto

In case you have water pooling in your toilet or around your bathroom, you have to solve this issue as soon as possible. Not only is it a waste of water but also will always have some dire effects. This water emanates from toilet bowls and it is ever unhygienic. First of all, it smells like a sewer. If it remains untreated, it will damage the subfloor and entire flooring.

This is how you fix the water issues in your toilet

Asses the leaky toilet

This is an issue that happens when you flush your toilet. You can confirm whether the leak is condensation or not. Soak the paper water towels inside the toilet and flush it again. A pool of water can form on your bathroom floor, in case you have a faulty water supply or shut-off valve. Look at the hoses in your toilet just to know the problem.

Tighten Toilet Tee Bolts

In cases where the leakage continues, whenever you flush your toilet, chances are the toilet tee bolt is loose. Go to the base of your toilet, and tighten the tee bolts. This will help curb the leak and no pool of water will be witnessed in your toilet. Use a flathead screwdriver or putty knife to tighten those tee bolts. Tighten one tee bolt at a time, starting from your left to right. Make sure you do not overtighten it. Tight tee bolts might crack your toilet base. In case the tee bolts just spin on your first attempt, replace them with new ones.

Get a new Wax Ring

Once you have repaired your toilet, ensure you test it. If there is still a pool of water near the base of your toilet, there is a problem with the wax ring. You need to replace it with immediate effect. These rings are not that expensive. Replacing them is equally easy. This exercise will consume less time. It only needs 2 people to complete this exercise. If you cannot do it yourself, then contact a professional plumber for help.

DIY instructions

  • Buy a quality wax ring form a local home improvement outlet or hardware
  • Switch off your water supply located behind your toilet. Then flush it.
  • Mop any water in the tank or bowl with a towel
  • Loosen the tee bolts and take out the toilet
  • Clean away any wax ring coming from the base of your toilet and replace them with new ones
  • In case the tee bolts have succumbed to corrosion, put new ones
  • Take back the toilet to its initial place, then tighten those tee bolts in an alternating fashion
  • Switch on the water supply and flush your toilet to check out any leaks
  • If the problem has been solved, you can now install caulk at the base of your toilet, to prevent water from spilling around.

Approach Res Plumbing

If you do not succeed to get rid of toilet leaks, contact this reputable plumbing company. We have the right expertise that will deal with your problem immediately. Our team will find the problem and deal with accordingly.